Writing, Design and Structure of the Abstract

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Writing, Design and Structure of the Abstract

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Writing, Design and Structure of the Abstract


An abstract is an independent research work containing an analysis of various views on the problem under consideration and revealing its essence.


Writing an essay is aimed at testing the student's skills in working with literature, assessing the ability to generalize the material, highlight problems, draw their own reasoned conclusions, as well as the ability to draw up work in accordance with the requirements. The structure of the abstract, as a rule, includes a table of contents, introduction, body, conclusion and list of references.


Stages of writing an abstract

  • Selecting an essay topic
The choice of topic is carried out on the basis of the list of topics proposed by the department. Sometimes it is allowed for a student to change the wording of the proposed topic or write an abstract on a topic that is not on the list. In the last two cases, most often, coordination is required at the department.

We recommend that you select several topics, and finally stop your choice on a topic on which sources are available for writing an abstract.
  • Literature work
At this stage, sources are selected for writing an essay. After their general review, they study in detail and outline the sections related to the topic of the abstract.

In the process of taking notes, it is important to record the bibliographic information pay for someone to write paper of the source and the page numbers from which thoughts were borrowed for the subsequent design of references     to sources.
  • Structure and plan of the abstract
The plan (from lat. planum - plane) is a summary of the sequence of consideration of the material in the work. In the completed work, the plan makes it easy to find the desired section.

Depending on the degree of detail, the abstract plan can be simple or detailed.

It is recommended to draw up the initial abstract plan at the stage of choosing a topic. In the process of working with literature, the structure of the abstract may change. At the final design of the work, the plan is accompanied by the heading “Contents”.
  • Writing the main sections of the abstract
At this stage, previously prepared materials are processed, and their own analysis is included in the work. Then the material is arranged in accordance with the plan and logical links are formed between the elements of the abstract structure.  
  • Making an abstract
After the text is completely written, its final reading and the design of the abstract are made.


Abstract structure


As a rule, the following abstract structure is used. The exception is some works of a small volume, in which the division into structural elements is impractical.

Title page

Table of contents

The table of contents is placed on the next page after the title page. It represents the structure of the abstract indicating the names of the sections and their corresponding page numbers.


The introduction provides information about the relevance of the topic and the degree of its coverage in the literature.  Other items may also be included.

Main part

This element of the abstract structure may include paragraphs (chapters) and subparagraphs (paragraphs) within which they reveal the topic and its individual provisions.   


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