Animal Crossing: Will players in New Horizons lose their lives?

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Animal Crossing: Will players in New Horizons lose their lives?

Mensaje por Melany » 03 Ago 2021, 06:58

Nintendo's Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a classic virtual Sims series game. This means that the actions that take place in the game are imitating real life. Usually, this happens in terms of weather changes or activities that villagers participate in in the game. Even a simple life requires various items. Players with rich life experience will choose Buy Animal Crossing Items from ACBellsBuy. The immutable vitality has caused some doubts within the community. For example, one of the most relevant questions in the Animal Crossing community is: can the player die in the new horizons of Animal Crossing?

For a game that is usually happy and peaceful, this seems like a very frustrating and dark idea. However, logically speaking, this should not be completely impossible. Fortunately, Nintendo has not yet added this ominous feeling to the game. Therefore, Animal Crossing: A permanent death is unlikely in the new horizon. The closest the player is to death is to pass out for a few hours. Regarding this setting, it is very user-friendly. So players can choose Buy Animal Crossing Bells to enjoy a happy time. For peace-loving players, death without real meaning is perfect.


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