How to choose canvas teepee tent?

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How to choose canvas teepee tent?

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Although I can't travel due to the epidemic, I can't stop a heart that wants to fly. Now put together the outdoor equipment first. The three major camping items - tent, sleeping bag, moisture-proof, are you ready? Choose the right three, and you can start your longing outdoor journey. Today, let's take a look at the tent.

Outdoors, the main functions of the tent are windproof, rainproof, snowproof, dustproof, moistureproof and insect proof, so as to ensure that users can get a good and adequate sleep.

There are various styles of canvas teepee tent. What kind of tent is suitable for you?

First of all, after clarifying the number of users, taking into account the season and climate of the area of ​​use, let's take a deeper look at the tent from the following 6 aspects.



Usually, the width of the tent is based on a person's shoulder width of about 50~55cm to release the appropriate ratio.

The length of the tent needs to be about 40~50cm longer than the normal height, which is convenient for storing bags and other camping materials.

The height of the tent is about 100~120cm.

Generally, a double tent can be used, and 1 to 3 people can be satisfied.



Three-season tent, four-season tent, high mountain tent

Three-season tent: A tent specially designed for spring, summer and autumn suitable for camping. Focusing on breathability, there are transparent gauze on the top and sides of the tent, which is ventilated and insect-proof, and the weight is relatively light. Lighter equipment often brings a better experience during long-distance hiking.

Four-season tent: The gauze design without three-season tent is convenient for blocking wind and snow when used in winter snow. It pays more attention to airtightness and windproofness, and the weight is heavier. The price of the same model of the same brand is more expensive than that of the three-season tent. The texture is tough, and it can carry wind and snow. The camp posts/poles of the four-season tent are made of high-strength aluminum and carbon fiber, which are stronger than those of the three-season tent. Compared with the three-season tent, the doors, windows and ventilation openings of the four-season tent have more cloth pieces, which can be closed with zippers. In addition, the cloth around the outer tent will always extend to the ground, and the windproof effect is better.

Alpine tent: It is mainly used in relatively harsh snow-capped mountain environments, and is rarely used in general camping.

It is generally recommended to purchase a three-quarter account. Although the four-season tent can also be used in spring, summer and autumn, in order to increase the cold-proof effect, the inner tent is mostly made of nylon to prevent the cold.

Single-layer account, double-layer account

Single-layer account: The difficulty of building a single-layer account is simple except for the automatic account. The material of the single-layer tent is composed of three layers of cloth: the outer layer is generally nylon with higher strength, which is used to protect the film with waterproof and breathable function in the middle; the middle layer film can not only block the infiltration of external water vapor, but also exclude the water vapor in the tent; The inner layer of thin fluff can absorb the moisture inside.

The more prominent advantage of the single-layer tent is its lightness. However, in a warm and humid environment, the air permeability is poor, and the water vapor is still easy to condense. It is generally not recommended to choose a single-tier account.

Double-layer tent: Double-layer tent can better solve the problem of waterproof and breathable. Most of the double-layer tents are breathable and not waterproof, so the water vapor can be easily discharged from the inner tent. The outer tent is waterproof and airtight, and while it is rainproof, it can also collect the water vapor discharged from the inner tent, so that when it condenses into water droplets, it slides down the outer tent.

Note: The ground nails and camp ropes of the outer tent must be tightened, and the inner tent should not be in contact with the outer tent, otherwise the water will wet the inner tent and lose the original effect.

In addition, there are ordinary tents, ultra-light tents, pole tents, no pole tents, self-supporting tents, non-self-supporting tents, single-door tents, double-door tents, etc.

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