How was your first encounter with a Shiny Pokemon?

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How was your first encounter with a Shiny Pokemon?

Mensaje por Candyhu » 28 Jun 2021, 09:40

This may be the worst first Shiny Pokemon encounter. I was going through the Solaceon Ruins of Diamonds, trying to get all the different unknown letters so that I can complete the Maniac Tunnel and get Hippopotas more easily. I went to the bottom of the ruins to look for unknown D. This was the only place where it spawned. When I finally reached the lowest level and started running around, I found an unknown D.

Is there any more disappointing shiny? Even as a child who hasn't had any sparkle yet and has always wanted one, I am disappointed. My first shiny was useless in battle, almost no different from the original. Next to the shiny Steelix that my friend likes to show off, it looks pretty pathetic.

That's actually what inspired me to start shiny hunting because I wanted a better shiny. For new players, buy Cheap Shiny Pokemon is a good choice. After a while, I started to use it as a hobby.
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